Sale or Return

Here at Essex Prestige we offer a very simple very cost effective sale or return service, we take all the hassle of selling your car privately and offer all the dealership facilities which you simply can not offer from your home.

Sale or return offers the perfect balance from trading your car in at trade price and selling your car privately and all the hassle that comes with it. You have the added bonus of our 20 years experience in the motor trade and our subtle touches that would set your car apart from the rest giving it the best chance to sell whilst maximising your return. Your car will be listed on all our of advertising platforms and website rather than you personally listing your car on just one and we cover all advising costs as part of our service. We stock over 150 prestige cars ranging across the whole market whether that be brand or price we can sell any car to anyone for anyone so why not let us take all the hassle off your hands whilst still getting a better price than you would through part exchange or a price comparison site.

We offer a range of benefits to the end user that a private seller simply cannot. These include:

  • Finance packages: 79% of used vehicles are now bought on finance. If you don't offer finance, which you probably can't you are rolling out the majority of the market straight away.
  • Part-Exchange: More than half of customers have a part-exchange car. If you don't take part-exchange, you are asking your buyer to sell their car before they buy your and this will massively delay the process or even worse lose the customer all together.
  • Warranty: As vehicles lose there manufacturer's warranty, customers often want an extended warranty for peace of mind. We offer the customer an extended warranty on all the cars we sell.
  • Peace of Mind: To most people buying a car is manly built on trust and feeling comfortable before completing the deal, here at Essex Prestige we have worked very hard to build a reputable brand over time, last year turned over nearly £20 million so customers feel comfortable coming to us and in turn buying your car. You would find it hard to convince a customer to transfer £1000's into a total strangers account with no real comeback or protection.

So as you can see from above it is easier and in most cases more cost effective to sell your car through us, not only for the benefits for the potential buyers but for you the benefits include:

  • Experience: Even though there are many price guides out there to compare you price we know what price we can ACTUALLY sell your car for so we can give you an honest valuation that we can get to sell your car for as quick as you require and have you money in your account the next day, rather wasting your time and money advertising the car at the wrong price or incorrectly.
  • Money: Obviously we can achieve the highest retail prices due to the points listed above and the money we spend on advertising branding etc so in the majority the money you would be receiving would be more than you would receive if you sold your car privately which absolutely none of the hassle. We also do not charge an upfront fee.
  • No sale No fee: together, before we commit to taking your car, we would agree on a price to retail your car and if we were unable to sell your car in the agreed timescale there would be no fee payable.

Please give us a call or drop us an email where we can value your car and if we can come to an agreement we can have your car up for sale... TODAY!

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